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    Server / Client got hacked - Client crash


    today our server got hacked by a guest on our teamspeak. How? I dont know. It stopped when i bannend him from the server.

    So what happend?
    Nearly everybody had client crashes if he connected to our server and stayed there for a while. I guess he could pick the users he wanted to kick/crash.

    Can someone explain how something like this is possible?

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    Special characters error

    there is an error in the new Teamspeak 3 "3.0.19"
    when trying to write in public room with special characters you get a crash
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    You can download the last update here :

    I hope it could really resolve this problem !

    Thanks for the update

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    Quote Originally Posted by Marounda View Post
    I hope it could really resolve this problem !
    We hope this too
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    This took too long, I hope for future Exploits of this sort you handle the situation quicker. Too many exploits in Teamspeak lately.

    And also, feel free to delete my critical comments. Censorship up in here, crazy. I don't know if I want to stay a customer once my licence runs out.
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