This is an argument for having this permission added.

To begin, users should know, that being able to prevent teamspeak from recording a conversation, does not prevent 3rd party programs from doing so. So if this permission were added, there is no way to tell if you are being recorded, which is true now anyway.

Some places/countries do not allow recording without the users prior consent. Having this permission would allow those places to turn off the ability to record for each channel. If it was not turned off, then recording would be announced to all users when it started.

Currently users that want to spam a channel with Recording On/Recording Off messages can't be stopped, adding this permission would prevent this. Almost all other ways of spamming a channel can be prevented by a permission, there is no permission for recording.

Having a plugin to do this job, kick or ban a user when they start recording doesn't make sense, users might not have the permission to do these actions and might not have access to the server to run a bot 24/7 to manage this.

With the current permissions, I can prevent users for texting, talking, whispering, poking, complaining, moving, joining, requesting talk.
But I can't stop them from recording and playing the announcement. The announcement needs to stay, but the ability to record should be controlled on the server.

My feeling is that it should be added to the channel permissions, but I can see other arguments for adding it to group and client permissions.

Please in a future release consider adding this.