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    Content Acknowledgment (before entering TS3)

    I have had TS since it all started, so I am old and have wife and kids.
    Need some form of content warning button before anyone enters.

    Maybe under the location Virtual Server/Host/Message: Click, "OK" button for an addon to the "message MODAL".
    Just another feature.
    Maybe this could be added on too for an agree button too.

    By clicking "OK" you agree to the content within this TeamSpeakô,~And if you do not agree you get kicked off.
    "Are you an adult?" 'AGREE?' "NO?" ~kicked off.
    "DID YOU READ THE BRIEF RULES"? 'AGREE?' "NO", ~kicked off.
    "ARE YOU OLD ENOUGH TO DRINK BEER?", 'AGREE?', 'NO?', ~kicked off.
    And much like the "Message" that you can enter, allow for any type of message that the admin wants to enter.

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    I agree, this would be very useful feature to have.

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