Sorry if my english is a little bit rusty

Like Marco and BigBear (in the old thread), when I saw french translation in futur options I thought that would be nice.
But sorry, the actual french translation is so horrible.

And specialy for the permission window. It's really hard to understand somethingnow.
Just for your understanding I will write the english translation (a literal translation) :

Permission is now "Autorisations" in english is : Autorizations (why since the start we use "permission" same in french)
Skip field is now "Ignorer" in english is : Ignore (what ? there is nothing with the ignore fact)
Negate field is now "Annuler" in english is : Cancel (..... hum seriously)

The option filter Show granted only" is now in english "Display the permission only granted (insteed first sens).

And the translation for the priority speaker is just a joke. Realy this one ....

Please be carefuly when you want create a translation without official translator.
For all of user that used Teamspeak 3 since the start ok no problem, but for all other and especially those who do not "master" the permission, this just not possible.

There is no French guy in your team ?