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    I can hear only myself

    Hello TeamSpeakTeam!

    I used UE4 SDK in my project. And today I tested voice between three users.
    But us not heared each other (me and second user heared only ourselves and third user not heared anything).
    TS3 log is clear, without errors.
    All of us connected to first channel in SDK server (channel 1)
    What's wrong with it? How to hear all?

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    If you are using the GameHUD Blueprint from the example scene please make sure the local test mode is not activated.

    In this Blueprint the local test mode gets automatically activated after the start connection command. In this case you can simulate multiple connections or in your case only hear yourself.
    Only break the links between TeamSpeakStartConnection and TeamSpeakSetLocalTestMode and your issue should be solved.

    Thanks for providing your issues with the TeamSpeak 3 Plugin for Unreal Engine 4.

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    Unfortunately, most of us can hear only themselves...

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