First off, I can't tell if this is a client or server problem so I thought I would just post it here instead.

Ok so I have an Audio-Technica ATR2500 as my microphone. It sounds amazing in everything except for Teamspeak. In Discord, Mumble, Skype, Raidcall, and even in the standard voice recorder in Windows 10 it sounds perfect however when I talk to my friends in Teamspeak they say that I am low and don't have that great quality. I have tested this with them and had them call me on Skype/Discord etc to see if it's something on my end and they say that when I go in those other programs I sound amazing. So it's definitely something with Teamspeak's settings.

I have admin privileges on our server, so I made sure our audio codec was Opus and we have it up to 7. So that is not the problem. I also made sure that all my playback/capture settings were correct and using the right configurations. That didn't solve the problem either.

I think it has something to do with how Teamspeak compresses VOIP, which would be something that I cannot change. Am I just doomed to have terrible quality in Teamspeak forever or is this a problem that is well known and maybe there is a fix? Thanks in advance!