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    Trying to ban user, user keeps getting around bans

    I have an issue where a user keeps changing his user id as well as his ip every time I try to ban him I raised my security level to 32 and he is still able join instantly and I am out of ideas on how to get rid of him please help. This is a public server so I still want regular people to be able to join at will it is just one person that is ruining it for everyone. Sorry if this is in the wrong section I am new to the forums. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Technically it is impossible to ban someone forever.

    Use a password on your server or make the guest group unable to leave the lobby and to subscribe channels.
    This is the only way to stop such users from entering or using your server forever..
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    How to BAN someone forever

    Hello All,

    i wanna know if there a permission to make to BAN user forever, as there are some stupid users changes their IP and back to server again, is there any way to BAN them FOREVER ??


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    Ban Problem

    im renting a ts3 server from a provider in cyprus.i banned a guy but he can rejoin because my provider said to me he is changing ip all the time so its simple to get him self unbaned . VPN or PROXY connection = unbaned . how to get solve this problem ? is there a plug in or add on to stop these guys ? please help me .

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    Trying to ban user, user keeps getting around bans

    Hello, I am having a bit of a problem. There is a person on my teamspeak server who keeps getting onto the server even after repeated bans. They are extremely good with computers and are threatening to take down the server. They have taken down other teamspeak servers in the past, so I know he is capable of it. I am not the owner of the server, but I am an admin so I have lots of privileges and such. Whenever we ban this user, he rejoins under a different name and starts to mock everyone. The user has a VPN and can unban himself. The server security level is currently at 23.

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    Hello I had your same problem before i had to pay a provider to host a server for me but you can still do this.

    Get all your server logs together from the first time they logged in compare all the IP's to see if any of them are with the same provider or what ever.

    If they are in a sequence and with the same provider then what you do is get all the logs together of the bans and them jumping the bans and email their provider that is responsible for the IP.

    Use to do the IP research and get the contact information for the provider.

    Tell them that you are including logs of this malicious user they keep jumping bans and harassing you and you want something done before you hold the provider legally responsible.

    The last time I did this the providers called them with me on the phone 3 way and we discussed a solution rather than the provider terminating their internet service for breaching terms of use it turned out to be a 13yr old kid who thought he was god but I was able to legally put him in a perspective where he would loose his college funding if i chose to pursue a lawsuit which technically speaking I could have filed against him.

    I hope this helps either password your server or lock it down so no one can leave the lobby who isn't permitted to and log get all your logs together and do the research from some might reffer you to apnic which is the asia pacific resource some might refer you to ripe which is the European one but if it does it will be directly from which is trusted just follow the links they provide to apnic or ripe and do a whois on those sites.

    Take care,
    Brandon aka Plagueraver

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    Need help please

    Now i know a lot about TS but this one is just annoying. Now if any one can help i will be glad to listen. Now to my point there is this one guy who continues to reconnect under different UID's but has the same IP. I am currently a head admin for the owners TS and this guys is really starting to annoy everyone that connects to our TS.

    Now this guy has been banned and rejoined about 14 times. I believe that he makes one UID with the same IP and connects to different servers, then once he gets banned from his whole list he makes a different UID with the same IP and goes through his list.

    If you would like to talk to me about this problem personally please email me or type a comment.
    Please help

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