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    Unable to connect externally

    Hello fellow Teamspeak-ers,

    I have a fairly odd and frustrating issue happening, and I am hoping I can find some help among you fine people.

    I am trying to run a teamspeak server on a VPS hosted through
    The VS is running Windows 2012 R2 and only running IIS and a few other services. When I first installed about 5 days ago, the server ran fine, I unblocked the ports, and wala, was connecting from my phone/desktop PC. after trying to set it up as a service using a wrapper I found in the addons, it didn't seem to work anymore, so I gave up on that idea and tried to just run it as a standalone application again, but this time I could not connect.

    I checked the firewall rules and everything was ok, so after some tinkering with no luck I turned off the firewall and wala, it worked again. A little frustrated I ensured all the ports were OK again, and even changed the port to 10000 from the default 9987. Turned on WF, restarted the server and Wala, I could connect again. A day goes by and I decided I am going to change the port back to 9987 so that I don't have to worry about making a SRV record and just create an A record for the IP (as its the only TS running). After changing the port in the ini, I restart the server. NO connection. so I turn off the firewall, connection.

    I install the client on the server and test connect, works perfect, no problems. try to connect externally, nothing. I have restarted, turned firewall on and off, talked to my provider, tried to see if any other possible point was blocked, but nothing. Last attempt, I complete delete everything from the folder, and download the zip again, unpack and run the server with no ini, no nothing. client connects, external does not.

    What in gods name is happening?!

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    If you're still talking about the client installed on the same machine as the server itself, then it is to be expected that connections to your remote ip won't work.
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