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Thread: Package Loss

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    Package Loss

    Today when i connected to my friend server i got massive client lags, switching channels took me about 15s, i got kicked out of server a lot.
    And my friends told me that my voice is being cut off in middle.
    I tryed:
    -computer restart
    -router restart/reset of all options
    -firewall stuff
    -dmz/all of the things that could block the packages
    -server options (my friend tryed few, assigned me to admin group etc.)
    -other servers - its all the same
    -Ping and Tracert looks good around 15ms 0% package loss

    Only thing i know now its that i got around 40% package loss from client info on server.
    Nothing else share lags/have package losses with teamspeak.

    I'm using 64-bit TS, on Windows 7
    Any advice what else could i try?

    I tested it on few servers which happend to be only polish ones
    Today i checked it on non-polish ones and it work flawless, 0% loss 10ms ping, it is working as it should.
    The problem happens only on polish servers (which is ultimate weird becouse i'm from polish...)
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