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    One of my friends cant connect to my server, but he can connect to others

    I am having issues with the connection of one of my friends. I run a teamspeak server for just my friends and I. All of them can connect except for one. Even though he can not connect to my server, he can connect to other servers without a problem. When he does attempt to connect to my server, he shows up as connected, however, does not make any sounds or anything, then about 30 seconds later, it says the user has timed out. I know my port forwarding and setup is correct considering the rest can join, but how come he is unable to join properly? I have even contacted my ISP and asked them if there is any sort of IP issues that can be resolved. They refreshed the IP services I used and gave me a new IP address, however, the same issues continue; all but one friend can connect/stay connected.
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    edit: okay, post approved. time to add additional info. I went to his house with my laptop. i tried to connect to my teamspeak server on his wifi, however, it failed to connect as well. I turned off my router's and computer's firewall, and he still can not connect. I am using server verision I forgot to check if he has updated his client but i believe he did. I am also running windows 10 on the computer that runs the server.
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