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    Suddenly I can't connect to my friend's server. What to do?

    I have ben playing online with friends and I use TeamSpeak3 to communicate with them. A couple of days ago, I tried to connect to my friend's server, but it didn't work. I uninstalled TeamSpeak and reinstalled it again, but still it won't connect. I can connect to the public TeamSpeak server, but that is the only server I am able to connect to. I have not installed Overwolf, but I hope that's not neccesary to have to speak with friends. I am sure there is not the internet's fault, because I can watch Netflix and play online games.

    Here is the log of those messages who appeared while trying to connect to the server:
    <16:23:55> Trying to resolve hostname
    <16:23:59> Trying to connect to server on
    <16:24:04> Failed to connect to server
    And that voice appeared. That who says "Connected", "Disconnected" and so on. It said "Error"

    I am not good at Teamspeak, so if anyone of you TS-masters out there would help me solve this issue, I would be very thankful c:

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    The Server is working for me. But not with the Port: 9988.

    <22:18:10> Versuche zum Server auf zu verbinden
    <22:18:12> - Bringing Power to the Gamer since 2011!
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