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    C(++) | TeamSpeak SDK Demo Plugin, not working.


    i've downloaded the TeamSpeak 3 SDK from here:
    (SDK -> Client Customization -> Plugin SDK API 20 (Client

    In first it was all working fine, compiling works in Visual Studio and adding it in TeamSpeak as a plugin.
    I've messed up my code a bit and deleted the SDK, to restart from zero.
    Downloaded the SDK again and now this shows up, if i want to add the plugin to teamspeak:

    Compiling works fine but adding the plugin to teamspeak wont work.
    Does anybody know a fix for this?
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    Note that for a 64-bit TS Client you need to compile to 64bit target, and use the mypugin_win32.dll ..._win64.dll convention to seperate the versions. This problem is most often caused by a 64 bit TS client trying to load a 32bit myplugin.dll without this naming scheme applied.

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