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    Teamspeak 3 Server Issue-After short paket lost of 100 the Client cannot hear anybody

    Hello to all,

    i have a problem with one Client:

    All is working fine, only one person has this problem. He joines the server, after 3-5 Minutes he has a packet lost of 100 % and after that, he cannot hear the whole TS. I tried with him: He pinged my server permanent, all OK, ping is good. I told him to restart the router, also we tried a static IP with google DNS. Also the restart of his PC, a try on my second TS: the same problem... I thought maybe Port Problem, i also tried another Port, same problem. He reinstalled Teamspeak, same Problem. I am also Computer Engineer, my .. in German we Say.. Ich habe keine Idee mehr.. Means - No more Idea

    Maybe someone has the same problem.

    Teamspeak Servers are on and the second is up to date, sa<me Prob on both.
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    Your server is outdated and can be exploited easily!!!!!!!

    Something starts to block and drop UDP packets.
    Could be a software firewall or firewall in his router (or router in company or college) or a setting in his router or his ISP.
    Let him try our test server too, to make sure that the problem is not at your end.

    Why was this posted in the Bug section This is definitely no bug.
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