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    Sub-channel inheritance issue


    So, I would like have a channel group where people are allowed to create temporary sub-channels. I have done this. However, when they create a sub-channel, they automatically inherit the Admin Channel Group, which in turn can allow them to set themselves as Server Admin (or other server groups).

    Is there a way to change the Channel Group they inherit upon creating a temporary sub-channel?

    Thank you in advance and have a great day!

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    Quote Originally Posted by nuldgaming View Post
    they automatically inherit the Admin Channel Group, which in turn can allow them to set themselves as Server Admin (or other server groups).
    "Sub-channel inheritance" is not the issue of your problem.
    The issue here is, that your Channel Admin group has a bigger i_group_member_add_power as other groups i_group_needed_member_add_power.
    This needs to be fixed.
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    If a client creates a channel, they'll always be given the channel group specified as "default channel admin group". Which group that is can be changed in Edit Virtual Server -> More -> Misc in the "Default Groups" block at the top. Simply set Channel Admin group to whichever one you desire.
    I usually set Channel Group and Channel Admin Group to the same (Guest) on servers, as that in combination with sub channel inheritance makes it so that when they create a new sub channel, they'll automatically inherit the permissions they have in the parent channel.

    But dante is also right in that you should fix your channel admin permissions so that channel admins cannot assign server admin to anyone, that's a huge security hole.
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