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    Server or Client? Is TS VOIP rly this confusing??


    I'm lost and looking for a little direction. I ultimately want a 10 slot VOIP service so that my friends and I can use to chat while playing games. In years past I've rented a Ventrillo server. Then, I was given an IP address and port number, entered it into the client and it connected. I was then able to share that address with friends. It was very easy to setup and use.

    Now, I've rented something that I thought was a 10 slot TS3 server (~$4/mo if that helps determine what I've paid for) from

    (Horrible customer service by them, btw. Signed up 4 days ago, emailed the '24 hour support' address and opened a support ticket the same day and have yet to hear from them )

    I was emailed a link to WHMOS and TCAdmin Control Panel which I've logged into, but this is where I'm stuck. When searching for TCAdmin tutorial help, everything mentions setting up the TS3 server application. Is the TS3 server app and TCAdmin Control Panel really required just for setting up VOIP??

    Any help would be appreciated. Clarification, instructions or a link to a setup guide, doesn't matter, I'll take it. I'd even have Paypal refund my purchase with GameData, Inc if someone knows of a host with adequate instructions and/or decent customer service. Would Ventrillo just be easier to use?

    Thanks for any help,

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    You do not need any tool as the server itself to offer a platform for clients.
    These 3rd party tools only give an interface to setup the server in an easy way.

    There are several threads explaining how to host a server on ddifferent operation system.
    But you better rent a server from an official ATHP on if you do not know how to hhost a server.
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