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    TeamSpeak 3 Client 3.0.21 crashes!

    Hello,i have got a Huawei Y6 and i bought TeamSpeak 3 client couple days ago. From the first time,it crashes after some hours of connection,or crashes when i have 5+ hours and i click on TeamSpeak 3 icon on my Phone Desktop... Its really anoying because it keeps crashing all the time after some hours,i must have leave my pc connected to my TeamSpeak 3 server,but i cant do anything because it crashes all the time! Can you solve this? Can you make it never crashes after hours and hours online on TeamSpeak 3 server? I love to have days and days on my TeamSpeak 3 server,so please,do something.

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    This should be fixed with next client update. There is no release date yet.
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