Hello TS3 community,
I am super fresh on this forum, just registered so mind my lack of high-level knowledge of TS3.
A friend of mine has a little issue concerning her voice on TS3. On every server we visited, her voice is just perfect but when she visites my new bought server for me and my friends, her voice is distorted, harsh, I don't know how to describe it. It sounds like a drunk robot or something. You can hear well every second or third word she says. Everyone on my server sounds great except for her. She has Mac OSX if that helps somehow. I don't know what shall we do since I have this server to talk with her and few others but we just can't figure out what the problem is. She tried few settings changes but nothing seemed to work. I have server on multigaming.pl. I can add that other friends having Mac OSX on my server sound well.
Can someone help us in any way possible? It is very irritating because we have to move to public servers to talk with her and that's not why I bought my own little server.
Thank you in advance