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    Question Restrict server groups to only 1 group per category?

    Hi there,

    I have several server groups on my TS server.

    One server group icon indicates your server rank (i.e. server admin, officer, member, guest, etc).
    Another server group icon indicates what group in our community you are a member of (can be only 1, there are several different groups)
    And yet another server group icon displays one of several flags (preferred spoken language).

    For each of these 3 icons, every person on the TS can have only ONE icon per category (one rank, one community group, and one preferred language).

    I was wondering: is there a way to restrict the server groups so that a person can have only 1 group out of each of these 3 categories.

    Preferably, I would like to have the following:
    Assigning another rank to a person that already has a rank, should remove the old rank.
    Assigning a new community group should remove the old group.
    And assigning a new flag, should remove the old flag.

    But I can imagine this is not possible.
    However, an alternative where it's just not possible to assign another rank as long as someone has a rank, and where it's not possible to assign another group or another language, if someone already has a group or a language, would also be fine.

    Are there any ways of restricting this? Because right now, people are assigning multiple languages and multiple groups to themselves (i want them to be able assign their own icons, but not more than 1 per category...)

    Thanks for your help!

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    To do that you're basically gonna need to make a script for it. Otherwise, you could make some sort of 'Staff Team' with the right permissions to add people to groups so that they take care of adding every user to one of those three groups per category. What you ask can't be done in the permission system.

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    There is no differentiation between server groups, each group is as good as the other. They're not grouped, as such the server cannot possibly know which in your design is part of which category.

    In any case, as Matthew wrote above, you'll need to write a script for that which would then be able to just remove any other groups of each category whenever someone assigns themselves a new group.
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