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    3D Voice in Unity SDK not working

    I am setting TeamSpeakClient.SystemSet3DListenerAttributes for the current user and TeamSpeakClient.ChannelSet3DAttributes for multiple users as well as adjusting the distance and rollOffScale settings with TeamSpeakClient.SystemSet3DSettings, but nothing I change seems to spatialize the voice.

    I think the issue lies in the TeamSpeakInterface class passing the TS3_VECTOR objects to the dll.
    ts3client_systemset3DListenerAttributes for example uses the out keyword to pass the variable to the dll, I don't see how this can work. It should be using the ref keyword, but there are likely some other Marshalling issues as well, since I tried to just make that change.

    If you try to use a value passed to a function with the out keyword, it won't compile in C# (Use of unassigned out parameter Error). out is for returning data, ref is to pass a value by reference.

    Please let me know if I'm missing something, would love to get 3D voice working!

    Thank you for your time.

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    Looks wrong to me, too.
    While there's a new C# wrapper in development, let's try to fix it right here as I don't have an ETA on that.

    Shot from the hip I'd change:
    	public struct TS3_VECTOR
            public float x;
            public float y;
            public float z;
    [DllImport(DLL_PATH, EntryPoint = "ts3client_systemset3DListenerAttributes")]
    public static extern uint ts3client_systemset3DListenerAttributes(uint64 scHandlerID, [param: MarshalAs(UnmanagedType.Struct), In] ref TS3_VECTOR position, [param: MarshalAs(UnmanagedType.Struct), In] ref TS3_VECTOR forward, [MarshalAs(UnmanagedType.Struct), In] ref TS3_VECTOR up);
    [DllImport(DLL_PATH, EntryPoint = "ts3client_channelset3DAttributes")]
    public static extern uint ts3client_channelset3DAttributes(uint64 scHandlerID, anyID clientID, [param: MarshalAs(UnmanagedType.Struct), In] ref TS3_VECTOR position);
    That said, it's untested and I haven't been working in C# for quite a while. I'll point our dev in charge for C# / Unity here, too.

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    Forgive the necromancy here, but I've just run into the same issue. I've tried the hack suggested by thorwe, but it had no impact on the audio whatsoever; there's neither distance attenuation nor directionality to the sound.

    Any ideas, and/or updates on the "new C# wrapper" that was mentioned back in May?

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    Did you find solution of this problem? If yes, please share it.

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