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    More Support to MIME types

    With the increasing usage of other types other than .gif, like .webm, .gifv, etc it would be nice if the teamspeak client supported them.

    Sometimes I want to change to another banner but getting the gif version sometimes is annoying and the new formats are also lighter on BW and CPU.
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    While I agree that this is a good suggestion, I think this would almost double the size of the TS3 Client download package. Our current client UI is based on Qt - a cross-platform application framework - and to allow using stuff like HTML5 video, we would have to build the client with WebKit support. If I remember correctly WebKit on Windows is somewhat like 20 megs while the entire TS3 Client installer is currently like 30 megs in size (mostly due to images and audio files).

    Anyway... I don't think this is something the devs will add in the near future, but I wouldn't rule it our entirely. We're fully aware that web-based technologies are the next big thing and we've some interesting stuff in our pipeline.

    For now, I'm setting this thread to Not possible... but again... that's just for the near future.

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    Just a quick correction to the statement from SCP:

    We are currently evaluating the possibility to add Chromium-based WebViews to our client. The next steps will then be to assess where in the client we could allow the new HTML features. The banner could very well be an option for this.
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    Cool, looking forward for any future decision!

    Small sidenote:
    Now that you talk about chrome web view it would also be great to have that for the entire client. What I mean with it, is that there are infinite theming possibilities, maybe even also portable to mobile? Must be hard to migrate from the current system though.

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