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    TS3 server crashes on low disk space and log encoding bug

    Server version:

    When there is low disk space on drive where server is installed, it simply quits without any message.
    Also there is strange file path in logs - looks like sources path on developer PC.
    Possible solutions:
    - Add an option to display an error window for such cases;
    - Add an option to reserve disk space for server needs, so other program like photoshop cache or game installer can't unexpectedly take it.

    Another bug related to the same logfile - error message in russian "Процесс не может получить доступ к файлу, так как этот файл занят другим процессом" ("The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process") is saved to logfile in CP-1251 (default Windows 1-byte encoding for russian systems) while log claims to be UTF-8 with BOM - so this text in viewer is displayed like chinese symbols and line delimeters is broken.
    Screenshots for better understanding:
    Forced CP-1251 in viewer:
    Original UTF-8 view:

    Logfile related to last low-space-crash and encoding bug:

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    A Ticket was created, Devs will need to decide.

    As for disk space, I'm not sure if we want to do anything about that. Will have to discuss that first.
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    The encoding in server logs will be fixed (not in upcomming server 3.0.13).

    Disk Space:
    We will not fix that the server does crash without any information, when the hard drive is full and the server can not write anything into the databse anyore.
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