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    Automatically add channels with password

    So basically what I want to do is be able to setup a channel which the default players are forced to put a password onto. And when they join the channel another channel will be created right below it and then the next people to join that one has to put a password onto it and it basically adds another channel with the same method over and over again. And when they leave the channel it automatically removes it. Is this possible and if so can you direct me to where I should go to watch a tutorial or explain how it works in the thread?
    Basically a template of what I want:

    Private Rooms [Main channel]

    Private1 [Sub channel with lock on it]

    Ben [Player on it]

    Jerry [Other player in that room]

    Private2 [Sub channel with lock which was automatically created when private1 had someone in it]

    I tried to explain this the best I can and if you dont understand it please comment and I will try and explain my problem again
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    This isn't possible within Teamspeak itself, I think that even with a script this will be hard, if not impossible to do.
    You can also just allow users to create temporary channels - once creating it they can decide whether or not to put a password on it. f they don't put a password on it and someone comes in that the creator of the channel doesn't want in, the person can always be kicked as the user will have Channel Admin upon creation (with still having the option to put a password on the channel afterwards if the user keeps rejoining). The channel will also be automatically deleted once it's empty as it's a temporary channel.

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