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    Need help concerning Channel Groups (I think?)

    So I own a teamspeak server, and I'm trying to set up a Private Room for donators. The rooms would be password protected so no one could join, unless they had the password or were moved in by the "owner" of that channel. So obviously for this to happen, the donator would be given move power as well as basic editing for the Room (Title of the room, Topic, Description, Password)

    I might be doing this all wrong, but I decided that Make a Channel group was the right way to go with this instead of a Server Group.

    So I got the Channel owner to get basic editing of the room, but the problem is I feel like the owner of the Room should be able to join the room without inputting the password, but when testing it, I have to input it when first joining the room. here's a screenshot of the permissions i have set up. I have ignore channel password set up but for some odd reason it just doesn't work. Also I have a move power set for them but it doesn't work either. I have basic members needed move power set to 10, and I have the move power set to 20 but I can't figure this out! Is it because of the difference in Channel Groups vs. Server Groups? Does one take priority?

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    You did nothing wrong.
    It's normal for permission b_channel_join_ignore_password to show the dialog, when the has it assigned in a channel groups or as channel-client permisison. But he will be able to join without enetering any password into the dialog.

    The user needs to press the Return key or the OK button.
    Or he enters the password and will not get the dialog again.

    The user needs to have b_channel_join_ignore_password assigned as a global permission (client permission or server group) to avoid that dialog.
    Or he needs to own b_channel_join_ignore_password in his current channel.
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