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    Question FIX DNS and SRV when connecting

    Good day Teamspeakers!!

    Hope everyone are having a blessed day!

    Herewith i humbly and sincerely request the following features to be worked on and maybe fixed withing the next release of the Teamspeak Client.
    I am more than willing to outstretch my helping hand should the DEV team be so kind to slide these requests into the TODO list for the next release.

    My 1st request are as follows

    We all know that teamspeak client can handle SRV records up to a certain point, but it leaves a lot of sys admins with their hands in their hair when we cannot make use of the full functionality set out and loved by so much of us in this link.

    We would all be greatly appreciative if the priority function of SRV records can be utilized to its full potential. I also understand that it might not be a priority for the DEV`s but the lines of code doing this is freely available for all the platforms the client needs to support.
    I am also willing to supply the lines of code just to copy them and even help with he testing of the features using my own resources.

    Please may you be so humble to slip this request into the next release.

    My 2nd request are as follows

    I have had many complaints of users that need to connect twice just to be able to connect to the teamspeak successfully.
    This is because the Client does not try the SRV Records after it tried the A records.

    I easily found the following thread that explained the whole story. Please feel free to look at it here.

    This should be a very easy for as im sure a simple "if" command with a "else" connect to SRV records will sort out the problem in a jiffy. This can also be done on all the platforms the client runs on.

    It will also prevent all the question to me saying that my teamspeak is "Broken" whereas the client only needs about 6 line

    My 3rd request are as follows

    Can the real IP address be removed from the Client Log, Master list, and any other place its publicly shown on, and be repleaced with the _ts3_. SRV record. This is to prevent those pesky youngsters with freely available DDOS Scripts from testing them out on our servers.
    Yes yes there are many ways to find out where the client connects to but it adds another layers of difficulty to the process and deter those pesky ones from being pesky.
    I side suggestion will be that only those with the relevant permissions will be able to see the IP after connecting to Teamspeak but i feel they should not even be able to see it at all anyway.

    Guys that is it from me and i REALLY hope that you guys can bless us with the above improvements. I will be eternally great full if you can lift this burden from out shoulders.

    Many Thanks and kind regards

    KGB Artapel

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    1. SRV load balancing should be implemetented in one the next versions. Waiting for this

    2. I think this is DNS server issue, not Teamspeak 3. So, it can be solved by changing DNS servers on a client side, for example use Google DNS.

    3. Actually your third suggestion is not a solution. Anyway IP will be known by a client (there a simple program can be written to do that and DDoS'ers will use it). But it will be much harder to diagnose connection issues without a server IP.

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