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    Create failover teamspeak and forwarding teamspeak server.

    I recently created a teamspeak server.
    I came to the issue that sometimes the servers can go down.
    So for this reason I was thinking about creating a back-up server and a forwarding server. I am working on debianOS.
    For example I have server A and server B with ts , I make sure they are synchroon (if this is possible and both are up and running).
    Also I have a server C that I connect with and that shoudl forward the request to the correct server if that one is online.

    Is this setup possible? If yes does someone have good tutorials on how to create them or at least a part of them?
    Since I am compeltly new with ts.

    I hope I posten in the correct forum.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BlackTurtle View Post
    Is this setup possible?
    The only issue I see is that TeamSpeak doesn't allow you to run the same licence/database at the same time (as the second will kill the first). Server startup (at least with the small ones I use) is very fast so maybe it would still work even with the backup one on standby. I'm pretty new to this too but I would guess that some form of ts server query could report to the forwarding server the instant the primary server goes offline.

    I'm looking for a very similar solution so if you managed to find one I'm all ears

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    This is not possible, in part because of incomplete server discovery support in client.

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    Is it possible to run TeamSpeak Server redundantly?

    I was wondering if it'd be possible to run a TeamSpeak server in two or more different machines at the same time using the same MySQL server so that increase redundancy is achieved (e.g. if server #1 goes down, server #2 would still serve).

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    It's forbidden to run same* server twice at the same time and not supported to use same database entries.
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