I've been running a stand-alone server out-of-pocket for about 6 months now, with about 20-30 regular users connected. Many a time have I been requested to add a music channel with a bot. I made the bot by just connecting it to the server in a new tab, but that can be tricky with some of the background processes I have that also play sounds on the running machine, with people hearing the error noises from windows and such things. I looked into the TS3 Music Bot plugin on the addons page, but it never seem to run on my server, so I moved to a different idea. I wanted to add a way so my music bot could be automatic, where say someone could enter a link to a song, or ask it to play a song from spotify, and have it be in a queue, and if needed, a song could be skipped. I've scoured the internet for such solution, but alas I have come across nothing of this sort. Please, if you know of a way to do this, or have experience to make this a reality, please contact me.

TL,DR: Want way to make a music bot in server queue songs by users in server.