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    Wierd Static Noise coming from cousin's MIC.

    So basically I'd be on Teamspeak with him, and suddenly out of nowhere a SUPER loud static noise emits from his microphone, and I have to immediately mute my speakers to avoid ear bleeding...

    I'd like to note he has Open Mic on always. To fix it, he unplugs his headset and then plugs it back in.

    I'm not entirely sure if it's a Teamspeak problem or a hardware problem, but it's worth a shot asking here since I assume you guys might know a thing or two about microphones...

    Any replies would be appreciated, thank you in advance.

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    Hi kektus,
    here're a couple of things you can try out that have the potential to cause such:

    If he has Skype installed, disable Skype's automatic mic level control - it does this on a system level messing with every other software using a mic.
    Set it up manually in windows sound settings afterwards instead.
    Reasoning: If the level gets boosted too high, e.g. with an open mic and a while of silence, the noise level of the mic gets boosted up.
    Doesn't really explain though why it wouldn't get lowered again by plain talking, however nonetheless it's a troublemaker.

    If it's a USB headset, he shall make sure to use an USB 2.0 port, not a USB 3.0 one. USB 3.0 doesn't work well with many USB 2.0 audio devices.
    Also, there could be too little power on the USB port, leading to all sorts of problems. Mics, usually better condenser ones however, are quite demanding on that area and manufacturers are known to fail in the area of providing USB power proper to the spec. While that should result in the driver getting disabled in windows at some poinrt, I could imagine stranger things to happen. If there're more devices sharing that USB power line, try unplugging them for testing / get them on another power line.

    Other less likely things to try (that don't hurt to be set that way): Windows Capture devices -> Select mic -> Properties -> Advanced -> Select a 48kHz variant, Deselect both "Exclusive mode" options.

    Other than that, there's still the TS3 client log which might include a hint if the client noticed any problem.

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