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    Regular Group Type VS Server Query Group Type - What Is It Used For?

    I am building an application for my TeamSpeak that uses ServerQuery and would like the user which the application talks to the server through to only have permissions to do exactly what it needs to, to remove potential security vulnerabilities. I noticed while creating a group that there are three types of groups; a regular group, a template group, and a server query group.

    What does a ServerQuery group do, how can I add such a group to a client, and can I generate a ServerQuery login for a user with exactly the right permissions using a ServerQuery group (or should I use a regular group)?

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    A ServerQuery group is a global group and has the same ID, Name and permissions on all servers. Adding users into a QueryGroup is not supported.

    A Regular Group belongs to one virtual server only and always will have a different ID.
    Please use one group for all users to make sure their Query login has the same permissions.

    Generated ServerQuery logins also belongs to one virtual server only.
    The login only gives user the same permssions as his normal client does have on the server, when he loggs in with that account into the Query.
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