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    Mass poke within one channel only

    Hello all,
    the mass control module here : allows you to poke all visible users.

    My idea is following. Under normal situation i need my users to be able to see who is where on the server (this i have sorted, guests cannot see inside channels they shouldn't). Now i want to create 1 channel that would reverse this for users. So everybody in that particular channel would see only his channel mates but rest of the server would be invisible.
    This in combination with mass control module would allow that channel members to poke only within the same channel (because rest are invisible).
    I was thinking about subscribe power numbers but i can't set it high enough for the groups because that would reveal rest of channels as well. If i set subscribe power on channels then nobody would see anything. If poke channel had higher subscribe power needed than other channels then users with group would still see everything. If it was lower than other channels then again they could see nothing.

    Is there any solution to this? (anything that would allow people to poke only within that particular channel)

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    Not quite sure what happens to already subscribed channels though but you can try any of the following:

    Within the special channel do one of the following:
    - set i_channel_subscribe_power to a negative value <= -5
    - set i_client_max_channel_subscriptions to 1

    when they enter that channel they shouldn't be able to see into other channels anymore.

    Make sure that none of the server groups your users have are skipping either of those permissions and do not have the global skip permission!
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    I am not sure if i follow here.
    I did set -10 on i_channel_subscribe_power on the Permissions -> Channel permissions
    Also tried i_client_max_channel_subscriptions setting it to 1 (same place).

    Now i just logged in from my other client to see what happens. Only one membership group there with i_channel_subscribe_power 50 and i_client_max_channel_subscriptions -1. No Skip on either of the permissions. I tried to play around with the server group numbers (and removing the permission completely) but only thing i achieved was regular when i left the channel i couldn't see into it. I always saw who is in all the other channels.

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