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    Is there any way to make a certain server group have a certain amount of ranks?

    So basically i have a public teamspeak dedicated to my youtube channel and it's open for everyone that needs a teamspeak to hangout in, or just enjoy my content and would like to get to know the community/me. I have a subscriber rank for anyone who is a subscriber and the rank give's a few benefits, one the side i also have a "fun" rank as i would call it. It's called "bish ranks" and there is tons of rank there to choose if you are a subscriber, They are basically useless but more of a way to "express" your personality. I have a bunch of staff ranks aswell. I know how to code really really well on teamspeak but one thing has bother, im not sure if it's possible but i would like to know if there is anyway to make so a certain group can only have a certain amount of ranks? Like for example: Enforcer = max 2 "bish ranks" Moderator = max 3 "bish ranks". I have looked around alot in the coding/permissions and i cannot find how to do it, if there is anyway to do it anyway.. Any answer would be really appreciated!

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    Not without a script/bot to watch over group change events and then removes the rank again from those that have too many.
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