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    As of latest update no longer to connect to many international servers

    Hi there

    I have been using a TS sever for several years now. Brigata at
    As of the latest update I am no longer able to join this server. I believe this is an Italian server and my Italian friends can still use this server. I however just get <20:55:01> Trying to connect to server on
    <20:55:06> Failed to connect to server
    I tried connecting to TeamSpeak ]I[ Sever in Italy and Germany and received the same message. If I try to connect to UK servers (which is where I am based, I have no problem.

    Any solution to this problem would be much appreciated.

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    Please post your Client Log

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    This is the log, the final entry is trying to connect to Brigata
    Attached Images Attached Images  

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    *make sure you didn't misspell the address and that you do not have any typos in the address.
    *Ping the address
    *Ask a few friends to try and connect to the server from their end (these friends should preferably have different ISPs to rule out ISP failure), if it doesn't work for them either it's increasingly likely it's a server problem after all and in that case nobody but the server owner can do anything about it.
    *Try to connect using a mobile client using the mobile network (not Wireless LAN), it it doesn't work again it's more likely a server problem (at least if your mobile connection is stable and better than edge).

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    There is no server running on
    Please contact on of your buddies or the hoster and aks them for the right IP.
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