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    Hi, i downloaded RP soundboard it worked really well but at a day me and my friends heard about something like clownfish so we downloaded it etc... but when we downloaded it my RP soundboard didnt worked anymore so i deleted clownfish reinstalled TS3 reinstalled my soundboard but it still doesnt work. kan someone help me out :(

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    STOP hotkey

    Hey. I love the soundboard so much.

    Need help on any hotkey for STOP. I have a long sound used in the soundboard, and I need a way to stop the sound in the middle.

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    is there a way to utilize F13 - F24 ?

    So i was Wondering because my keyboard has not only F1 to F12.
    It has F13 to F24 aswell and i wanted to use those for the Soundboard but i cant use them as Hotkeys

    i know many people are using those buttons in OBS for example.

    so is there a way to utilize those aswell?

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    Some Problems with SoundBoard


    i have some Problems with Soundboard. But at first: Nice Program

    I can't nothing play. When i put a button nothing happens. When i'll go on a another config, config 1 or 3, the Programm jumps on config 2 back.

    I have deinstalled the Programm and reinstall but the Problems are there.

    Have you a idea how i can fix it?


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    Solved Fix for buttons not working on mouse click

    A user on Github found out what caused the Soundboard to not function anymore when clicking buttons but when using hotkeys it would: There is a wrong hotkey bound to the left mouse button.

    To fix this:
    • Go to your Teamspeak Options (Alt + P)
    • In the 'hotkeys' menu select and delete hotkeys bound to MOUSE BUTTON 1

    I will see what I can do to fix this bug (if it's possible at all) but until then the solution above is a workaround. If your soundboard isn't working anymore simply delete the mouse button 1 hotkey.

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    Youtube and other streaming sites

    Can I play any youtube songs on the soundboard, and if not when will it be added if it can be.

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    ( German / English ) Soundboard Hotkeys don't work. Soundboard Hotkeys gehen nicht

    En: Hey,
    when I installed the Rp soundboard yesterday and choosed some files from my PC i've set some Hotkeys like F9 Hotk. It was all fine and ich was happy that it worked with Hotkeys. Then after I restarted my PC and I joined on a TS-3 Server my Hotleys didn't work but the files i choosed where still there and i could also use Soundboard without the Hotkeys. Just clicking on these fields. Ts showed that these files still own a Hotkey but he didnt work and also when i've set a new one it still didn't work.

    Ger: Hey, als ich Gestern das Rp Soundbord installiert habe und einige Dateien von meinem Computer ausgewählt und ihnen Hotkeys wie F9 oder so zugewiesen habe war alles gut, ich war glücklich, dass die Hotkeys funktioniert haben. Dann als ich meinen Computer neu gestartet habe und erneut auf einen Ts-3 Server ging funktionierten die Hotkeys nicht mehr doch meine Dateien war immernoch da, und ich konnte das Soundboard ohne Hotkeys durch das clicken auf die Felder noch bedienen. Teamspeak zeigte mir an, dass immernoch die Hotkeys gesetzt waren aber selbst als ich neue setzte gingen sie nicht.
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    RP soundbar issue with hotkeys

    Hello everyone,
    i can not use my numpad hotkeys with my RP SoundBar anymore.. anyone know why?

    Keyboard: Corsair K95 RGB Platinum
    Mouse: Corsair Sabre RGB

    Teamspeak 3 version: 3.2.5
    Qt Version: 5.6.2

    Windows 10 Pro (64-Bit)

    RP Soundbar version:

    I have some Hotkey on Teamspeak and work perfectly!

    Thanks a lot for your support in advice!
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    any chance of an update to the new API version

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    Quote Originally Posted by wizzywig View Post
    any chance of an update to the new API version
    Working on that right now.

    /Edit: done. The first post is updated with a version for Teamspeak 3.3.
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