TeamspeakStats is a simple tool to create a stats-site for onlinetime, kicks and bans on your Teamspeak3-Server.
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It is based on your Teamspeak3-server logs and therefore doesn't need any direct (query) access to your instance and even works, if the instance is down.
The configuration is very simple and possible via cli-flags or a config-file.
All steps to get the tool up and running, are described in the README or with more technical depths in the docs.
The sourcecode of the tool is available on GitHub.
Installation is possible using pip
pip install tsstats
or the included
python install
You can also use the tool in-place by running it via
python -m /path/to/TeamspeakStats/tsstats
If you are missing a feature, have questions regarding the configuration or find a bug, feel free to open an issue on GitHub!