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    Upgrading server version with MySQL

    Hey there!
    I'm still runnig version on Debian. I know that's old, but the thing is that I'm using it with an external MySQL database.

    Now I'd really like to upgrade it to a newer version!
    As far as I remember you switched from MySQL to MariaDB and it's not that easy to just upgrade it. Tell me if I'm wrong.
    I don't want to mess up my server under any circumstances.
    Switching back to the internal SQLITE database would be a considerable option, because IMHO there is almost no advantage with an external DB.

    Is there anything I must note when upgrading or do you have any advice on how to easily deal with it?

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    MySQL support was dropped and replaced with mariaDB in 3.0.11 already.
    So you are using the mariaDB plugin already and do not need to change anything.

    Make a backup of the server (you may exclude the files folder for this backup) and the database.
    Then download the latest server pack.
    Extract and overwrite the files.
    Move the content from folder redist to the root of the server folder.
    Start the server instance with same command as before.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Felixtitling View Post
    MySQL to MariaDB and it's not that easy to just upgrade it.
    It's just that easy.
    Protocols are binary compatible between MySQL/MariaDB/Percona.

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