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    Changing IP Address

    Hello everyone! Could someone tell me whither it is possible to change the IP address of my server? I'm running a TeamSpeak server from my laptop but would like friends or friends to join without giving them my laptop's IP. Is it possible to create a different IP address that act's as some kind of pathway directing to my IP or can I use on my the website's I have and it's URL as the IP for people to connect to the server through?


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    Someone close this topic. It's the same idiotic question again.

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    Host the server somewhere else online, if you don't want poeple to have your IP.
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    If you 're hosting the TeamSpeak 3 Server from your laptop on your own home network and you have all of the required ports forwarded the only way someone from outside your network to join is by giving them your public IP address however there are some ways to mask your IP address.

    The most common way is to use a domain with a sub-domain pointing to your IP address, this is of course not free but it is fairly cheap. Here is an example of how I use my domain to forward to my TeamSpeak 3 Server's IP address:

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    [B]​Alternatively you can use a free service such as where you can use one of their domains but have your own sub-domain. All you have to do is create an account with them, setup a free sub-domain and enter your TeamSpeak 3 Server's IP address for the sub-domain to be forwarded to.

    By using the sub-domain method you don't have to give your public IP address out so instead of connecting using an IP address, your friends can connect with a sub-domain like:

    Hope this helped!

    - TeamFluXServers
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