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    Cant hear friends in ts and they cant hear me

    Earlier today i was in my friends team speak and everything was fine. Then all of the sudden the server started yelling error in my ear and I left due to spam protection. When i returned i could hear my friends but they couldn't hear me. I unistalled Team Speak 3 a reinstalled it then rejoined, my friends then tell me they cant hear me and that they were talking but i couldn't hear them at all. In the Team speak config i checked my Mic and tested it and I heard my voice in the test. My headset also is still giving me sound, I made sure that my headset played audio by playing a youtube video and it worked. I also made my own server and tried it but it was the same issues. So does anyone have any ideas on what is going on?

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    spam protection
    You can not talk, when the server stopped your from flooding.
    Could be you mute or unmute to often or you switch channels or create some or send many messages to chat etc..

    This is a server setting and maybe the flood detecton is set to react faster than on other servers.
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