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    One client disconnects every 28 seconds exactly

    I apologize if this is already on the forum some where, but I was unable to find this exact issue. I would like to start by saying I've been working in IT as a level 1 and 2 call center engineer for 4 years now, and this one has me stumped.

    One of the members of our group is consistently disconnecting from our server every 28 seconds (exactly according to server logs). His client then reconnects automatically and the cycle starts over. As far as we can tell this just started happening. There where no Windows updates, or software installs that coincide with the issue but he has sneaky sneaky Windows 10 so we can't be sure.

    The server in question is a VPS hosted by NFO out of Chicago. No one else has any issues connecting. If my friend connects to a second server we set up with a snapshot of the first on a different provider, also out of Chicago (Digital Ocean Droplet) he has no issues. In fact if he tries to connect to any other TS he has no issues. It seems to only be this one server.

    We can run a continuous ping to the server from the client and there are no dropped packets at all, and the latency is very good. We can run a trace route and get the same result. Everything looks great.

    The server and client logs simply state that the connection was lost.
    "client disconnected 'USERNAME' (id:279) reason 'reasonmsg=connection lost'

    What we've tried so far.

    Uninstalled Avast using the Avast removal tool.

    Disabled Firewall.

    Disabled all extra applications through MSConfig.

    Restored to a date prior to the issue.

    Uninstalled Team Speak and deleted all config folders we could find in appdata and program data folders.

    Reinstalled Team Speak and chose to keep the profile folders in the Programs directory to ensure that the TS profile is fresh.

    IP release / renew.

    DNS Flush

    Static DNS (Google's)

    WinSock reset
    netsh winsock reset
    netsh int ipv4 reset
    netsh int ipv6 reset

    Changed the TS listening port on the server.

    Deployed a snapshot of the "Bad TS" onto another server (Digital Ocean Droplet) and he has no issues connecting to that even though it's a replica of the settings from the NFO server.

    Created a fresh server config and he's still having the same issue.

    Created a mumble server on the NFO VPS and no issues.

    Called the hosting provider and confirmed he's not on any black list. He's able to connect to other NFO hosted servers without issue.

    The owner of the VPS was able to RDP into the server from my friends machine.

    At this point we're setting up a virtual machine on his computer and seeing if we have the same issue. I'm also going to have him unplug his modem when he goes to bed so his IP rotates.

    I'm sure there's more we've done and forgotten at this point.


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    Hi All

    Hey All,

    I'm one of the two primary server admins that Daxxos is talking about. To update....

    We have re-installed a fresh copy of Teamspeak 3 server on the problem IP server and it made no difference. Besides either of us re-installing the OS of the server or getting a second IP from the VPS provider to try or moving locations...I'm at a loss.

    I spent a good 2-3hrs through Teamviewer on his computer trying various different things, some of which Daxxos listed above. I'm really at a loss. This has been going on for the last 4, going on 5 days now. I'm really not sure if it is a client problem or server.

    Because the thing that really gets me is that he is having problems on this particular IP but a test TS3 server being hosted by the same provider in the same data center is just fine. I just had him run a tracert to both our server and the server the provider runs as a test and they took nearly identical routes with the only difference being jumps 8/9 varying by the last octet of the IP and then 10 being the same and 11 being the final destination. None of which timeout or have unusually high latency compared to other.

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    It's nice to read, that you all try to help him.

    I have no real clue for this, because you seem to have tried everything already.
    One thing i can imagine, that one "internet exchange point" on rout from his network to the server network is faulty.

    Could you try to conenct that user via VPN/Proxy to your server? I don't know a free service supporting UDP ;(, so i can't tell you which tool you can try. here.
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    Just figured I would come by and share the only two things we did that would resolve this problem. Hopefully if other people stumble across this issue and find this thread maybe they can be saved some headaches.

    Solution #1: Changing the IP of the Teamspeak 3 server. We added a second IP to our VPS and switched it to use that IP instead. Afterwards the user who was having problems was able to remain connected.

    Solution #2: The user that was experiencing problems called his ISP and requested a new IP. After getting a new IP from the ISP he has been able to remain connected.

    We opted to revert our VPS back to its original IP after the problem user was able to get a new IP and that also solve the problem. This way other users who had the TS3 bookmarked by IP won't be affected by the server changing IPs.

    Never before have I been soo stumped by a problem like this. And for extra info, the path/tracert is again almost identical like last time but with minor difference.

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