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    Just Joined - Microphone Disabled

    I just downloaded this TeamSpeak, and was presented with nothing to go on from there. Also - after finding my intended server address for my group, I see on the welcome screen it states my microphone is disabled. I was then clicking around to find my VOICE settings without any luck... and was somehow found and solicited by a site that claims my drivers may be out of date to use TeamSpeak, and caused me to purchase... ( not something I usually ever ever do, but I needed 14 drivers, according to this message at TeamSpeak... (or their paid affiliates, perhaps) and I just wanted to get on with my chat with friends. Not only did this place scam me, but made me believe I was only paying 1.66 for the driver issue. Not so. I was depted 40 bucks U.S. $$

    So.... The scam aside, how do I remedy this Microphone disabled issue? I have a new computer, Windows 8 or 9 or 10, I don't even know. I just want my new headset to work with Teamspeak.
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    A disbaled Microphone or Speaker can have several reason.

    Here are some hints. You may ask someone who understands using a computer more than you to get this solved if you do not understand ;(.
    Quote Originally Posted by dante696 View Post
    You can't hear or talk? Your Device is disabled on server?
    • What device do you use and are your drivers up to date?
    • Please tell us your capture or playback settings.
    • Check your default Capture and Playback devices
      Especially for Windows Vista and newer > Check you default Communication devices.
    • Try to select your device directly and not default under Settings > Options > Playback or Capture.
    • Is there a capture or playback profile set in your bookmark?
      Please check your settings under Bookmarks > Manage Bookmarks > Click the "More" button
    • Have you tried to send something with Push-To-Talk/Continous Transmissions enabled?
    • Are you sure, that you channel isn't moderated and or you have enough talk power to speak in it?
    • Check that the channel isn't in silence mode. This happens when a lot users (differs from server server to server via server setting) are in channel.
    For the Windows version:
    Press the Windows + Pause keys on your keyboard to see the systeminformation.

    If you really don't know which drivers you have:
    Driver Booster Free helped me on some laptops where drivers are not downloadable anymore.

    ----->> I still personally preffer to download the drivers directly from the hardware manufactor.
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    Because driver problems were / are a common issue for people, dubious creatures saw their chance to run wide spread scams on it. In my personal opinion most google results pertaining to drivers that direct to driver download pages or sites offering you to fix it are scams, or at least trying to scam you if you're not extremely careful.

    Not only are these driver download pages usually trying to scam you, they're often also trying to get you to install malware or viruses through their downloads. Just in case you downloaded anything, run some virus/malware scans.

    It may be possible that there are dubious individuals out there that try to make some money out of some common issues people have when using TeamSpeak for the first time, which is unfortunate, but cannot be helped I guess. TeamSpeak is used by a lot of people so the chance to get some of them is better than for a software that isn't used by as many people.

    If you received a message when joining a TeamSpeak server, about missing codecs / drivers or anything of the sort, asking you to download something to make TeamSpeak work or be able to connect to the server, ignore it at all costs. These are just people running servers to scam people into downloading malware / viruses, or otherwise harm you. These messages are most definitely user generated messages.
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