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    Ignore password with channel group perso


    I created a group chanel on our TeamSpeak server, with an unknown password permissions, but when that test this channel group is forced to enter the password.

    While the test user, honoring its personalized channel group
    Someone would have an idea of the cause?

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    Thank you in advance.
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    channel group: b_channel_join_ignore_password

    If you create a channel group i.e. lets call it "Password Immune" and grant that channel group "b_channel_join_ignore_password"

    Is the intended behaviour of granting a user this channel group that it will prompt for a password when joining the channel this group is granted in. You can then enter any string or just leave it blank and submit and it will accept the password?

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    1. Yes the client needs to work that way.

    The problem here is, that the user has currently (the channel where user is sitting in) has no permission to ignore the channel password for target channel.
    The password check (followed by channel is full check) comes before any permission check for target channel is done.
    He needs to be in a channel where he has currently b_channel_join_ignore_password enabled to avoid that dialog.

    2. Yes it does not matter what the user enters here.
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