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    Not able to join any server with the new update - Client freezes even after reinstall

    Hey guys as the title already said, I'm having trouble with the latest ts3 update...
    As soon as I try to join any server my ts3 just freezes and does nothing anymore.
    I've tried to join alot of different servers and even a full reinstall did not work.

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    I'm sorry for you and hope we can help you out of your problem.
    Do you mean client

    Can you offer us some details about your system? There is not much in your report.
    Does this happen on too?
    Are your drivers up to date?
    Are all Windows, Linux, OS X updates installed?
    Which nickname have you set in your bookmark (or identity)?
    Which Theme is selected under Settings -> Otions -> Design?
    Does it help you, when you clean your cache under Settings -> Otions -> Security?
    Which version was running before you did the update?
    Are you using MSI's Nahimic?
    Please show us a client log after your client did freeze.
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