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    Notifications not playing

    Hello, I have an issue I've been trying to solve for several weeks, basically notification sounds don't work.

    For example, when someone enters my channel there's no sound telling me "User joined your channel", but when I connect to the server I hear the sound "Connected".

    I've had this problem for weeks but it never really bothered me, I've also tried reinstalling several times to no avail. Today I installed a sound pack which still doesn't work, and decided I'd better try solving it. Can someone help me out?

    TL;DR: Notification sounds broken. "Connected" works but "User joined your channel" doesn't. Help please.

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    I've noticed some sounds play right: Channel text message, connected, disconnected, channel switched (me) and receiving a poke work.

    I don't have many tools to notice other sounds, but I can tell when other users join my channel or leave I don't get any sound notifications.

    This is how my notification window looks: Name:  ts.png
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    When connected check Self -> Sound Pack and make sure one is selected.
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    Yes it is, I had "Default sound pack (Male)", so I tried using a custom one and neither worked. Any more ideas?

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    Does it work via the Play button on the affected?
    The client log might indicate the problem.

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    Sorry for the delay, the kraken was released and I had to chase it back to the depths.

    Short answer, every sound can be reproduced using the Play button in the notification pane and everything works correctly. I took a look at the log and it looks like some sounds are missing, I navigated to the target location and indeed there are no files with those names.

    On the one hand, the issue in the log is correct, on the other hand, sounds can be reproduced perfectly using the Play button, so they must be installed somewhere in my computer.

    What can I do to solve this?

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