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    Before you read I'd just like to say that i've looked all over the internet and tried almost everything but still no success.

    My teamspeak server has 3 different types of groups

    Group A (Staff

    Group B

    Group C

    and normal users aka guests/registered members

    I wanted to make it so that Group A has access to all channels, no matter if there is a password or not.

    For Group B I wanted to make it so that that group only has access to a set of channels

    For Group C I wanted to make it so that this group only has access to a different set of channels

    For regular users I wanted to make it so that they have access to some public channels and help rooms.

    Now I am honestly confused because I want to make the channels for group A therefore I put the join power required at 40. Then I give those groups Access power of 40 too. Yet they aren't able to join the channel. Or if they are able to join it, other people with a lower power are able to join it too.

    Is it possible to make it so that its based upon server groups to join channels without having to assign channel groups?

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    Group A is simply a server group (since they shall have access to every channel anyway) that has some permissions such as b_channel_join_ignore_password allowing them to join password protected channels.
    Groups B and C must be channel groups, in fact a single channel group is enough for both, see over here

    Regular users can probably be done as a server group as long as they all have access to the same. Just make sure that other channels they shall not be able to access have a higher i_channel_needed_join_power than the regular users have i_channel_join_power and that the i_channel_needed_join_power is lower than the one required for the channels of B/C (as otherwise they'd be able to join those channels restricted to B/C as well).
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