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    [Request] Rankup bot

    Hey! I'm looking for a lightweight script/plugin (Any type really) that can rank up a user based on how much time they have spent.
    I have checked on the forums and plugin site, but I only find things that have useless and way too many features and dependencies.
    I only need a bot/serverquery thing that is on the server, checks how long a user is online and ranks them up accordingly

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    This could help you.

    It is also possible to get the Ranksystem hosted, if you do not fullfill the requirements.
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    Yeah I've had a look at that already, but it has too many features like the webserver, and I can't run a webserver. It has more than I need and I'm going to play games on the same computer as I host the ts3 server on, that's why I'm looking for a rankup bot thingy with the least features

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