HI guys,

I have tried for hours to make one but I dont seem to be able to make anything change with my ts client and with the lack of a guide I am now looking for a basic skin basically two pictures and the maybe some text color changed on the right and bottom panel thats it!

I have uploaded the two images I would like as well as something to show kind of how I would like them placed. Please note that I have in the demo picture my chat window and server info window on the right bigger than I usually have them but I figured that would be good for scaling (ie. anyone with smaller windows wont have issues, people with 24 inch monitors shouldn't either)'

Some text colours may need to be changed for readability or a semi grey like filter added to the image im ok with that.

The skin should also include the ccp logo on the right bottom of the server info window if possible.


Nyx Viliana


p.s can pay ISK if needed :P