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    Others cannot hear me.

    I've been on TS3 for a while, but recently, I don't know how, others can no longer hear me, unless I get really close to my microphone. On other platforms such as Skype and Discord, it picks up me talking where I normally sit and place my microphone, I even recorded myself using QuickTimePlayer and it could hear me all fine, its just when I use TS3 I have to get really close to my microphone, to the point where if I leaned any further I would be kissing it, just for them to hear me.

    This is really annoying as I use TS3 for gaming, and as you can understand me having to lean into my microphone just to talk is an issue, I can not put it any closer to my mouth as it blocks my field of view and psychically it cannot get any closer to me.

    Thanks for the help if you decide to comment

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    maybe you should look into the options (teamspeak 3 -> preferences -> playback)

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    Mac recognising Microphone on Headset, Teamspeak not

    I recently bought a pair of Betron HD1000 Headphones with Bass Driven Sound, Microphone, Volume Control for iPhone, iPad, iPod and iOS. My laptop, a macbook pro, is recognising the inbuild microphone but teamspeak is still defaulting to my inbuilt microphone and not the new microphone. Is there a way to fix this as this is one of the main reasons why I bought these headphones.

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    Seems that your default Microphone on OS X hasn't changed. This is what our client is looking for by default.
    You can setup and change the device under TeamSpeak 3 -> Preferences -> Capture (Capture Device) in case the it is listed there.

    Quote Originally Posted by Tux0n0 View Post
    maybe you should look into the options (teamspeak 3 -> preferences -> playback)
    Did you mean capture? They can't hear him
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