I am essentially looking for something that isn't publicly available from as far as I've seen. I have seen some scripts such as GroupAssigner, but this isn't entirely what I want.

I am looking for two things and am willing to pay a Developer for both.

1st, a web-based User/Admin panel that requires a user to register through the panel in order to verify their TS UID to obtain the Member server group. Completely automated, and allows admins to track all registered users through this panel. In addition, there needs to be functionality to add their games accounts and verify them as well. Primarily, we are looking for League of Legends account verification. The admin functions should also allow a viewable ban list.

2nd, a query bot that pings the Riot API and the user database to check each player's Summoner Rank, and then sorts them evenly to teams. The team channels are automatically created and the players are automatically moved.

Any help with making this happen would be greatly appreciated.