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    Mic works but not headphones.

    Hello, I'm using a RME Babyface(Studio) sound card, and the weirdest thing about it is that it uses my Rode Procaster mic, but not my Sennheiser HD 280 headphones for some reason, and they're both connected through the same RME Babyface(Studio) sound card.

    So, a fix for this would be if we could download a "Playback mode" plugin/addon/pack that can support for example Asio4all or have a pack with all of those things, I don't remember what those packs are called but those that usually has a pack with like Asio, Mp3, Wma and so on.

    I tried to install a Codec pack(the pack thing I talked about that I didn't remember what it was called) with all possible codecs, BUT, didn't fix my problem, please guys, I can't stand using 2 headphones or swap between them all the time.
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    Hi FrozdY,
    first congrats on an excellent choice for an audio interface (Neither me nor the company are affiliated in any way to RME and so forth)

    I've petitioned for ASIO a couple of years back myself, however nowadays it doesn't really make much sense to add it.
    Both CoreAudio on OSX and WASAPI (Windows Audio Session, Vista+) should have quite the comparable latency.
    While RME might actually be able to go lower in ASIO, technical details on the form of audio network packets and so forth will cause that to not have any effective gain in the end.
    The show stopper for ASIO in TS is that it requires (* maybe unless certain third party tools found a way to overcome that) exclusive access, meaning ASIO on - no sound from anywhere else but the applications that use ASIO, e.g. no game sound, no music.

    You don't need any codec packs.

    Currently having no patch-bay functionality, TS uses the device driver's Input 1 for the mic (1+2 for Opus music), and playback wise starting from one up to 7.1 surround.
    As the headphones have seperate outputs, apart from obviously choosing the correct payback device in Options->Playback and having the correct Playback profile linked in bookmark shortcuts, you probably have to make sure in the TotalFX mixer that the output selected in TS is routed correctly to the headphone bus.

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    I first on wanna thank you for the detailed info Thorwe, and secondly, I'm just dumb, I'm so used to seeing whatever in windows' built-it sound manager and just selecting them in whatever program and it worked, but there it says that it was Analog (3+4), I have that option in TS aswell, so I naturally assumed it was the same there, but for some reason TS wants to use ADAT(3+4) instead, the headphones now work.

    And I find it refreshing knowing that someone familliar with RME answering this post, so I thank you for that Thorwe, anyway, this is resolved now, thanks again

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