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    Teamspeak crashes when opening file explorer Windows 10

    When i open windows explorer to set an avatar or send a file TS crashes has been happening for a while now ran fine when i first installed have since reinstalled and deleted all plugins problem still occurs please help

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    I have the Same problem, Windows 8 Machine, and Anytime the Explorer window opens to Upload a File (For Avatar or File Transfer), it crashes Teamspeak. Running the Latest Version (3.1) and The only thing in the log that populates when it happens is "
    2016-12-12 08:17:59.317818|INFO |UIHelpers | |Old path: "" corrected to: "C:\Users\james"
    2016-12-12 08:17:59.317818|INFO |UIHelpers | |Supported image formats: *.bmp *.gif *.jpeg *.jpg *.pbm *.pgm *.png *.ppm *.xbm *.xpm"
    Nothing Else, and I have sent in the Crash Reports. But This doesn't happen on any other device I have on The same OS or on Windows 10.

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    Do you use a Dell or Alienware Laptop/computer?
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