This is not my first time setting up Teamspeak, I know the backend is setup correctly, atleast it should be. I have setup Teamspeak to run through TCAdmin, so with my ATHP license, I run Teamspeak as a TCAdmin Service, to auto-start the query service. I had setup a server on the default port, and I can connect, as well as my friend who is on the other side of the country. But I have had 4 other people in different parts of the country try to connect, and the problem is, on THEIR side it says Could not Connect, on the serverside, they show up on the server tree, but they timeout after about 30 sec. It seems very selective, but I can't see a pattern, nor a possible Misconfiguration, since I can connect, and I am not on the same network as the dedicated box. It may also be worth mentioning that the server is running on a CentOS 6 SolusVM box...Same OS for both the Host and Virtual OS. If anyone has experienced this problem, or wants to help me Diagnose this problem, I would appreciate the help!