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    [ENG/CZ] Black&Red skin (1.1.2) (BETA) | Hexagon Community

    Český překlad tohoto příspěvku najdete na foru Hexagon Community kliknutím ZDE

    Hey there. I've just made my very first skin for TeamSpeak.
    It's a simple black and red colored theme and icon pack.

    SREENSHOTS (v1.1.1 only)
    (v1.0 screenshots)

    Don't forget to tell me if there are any bugs or shortcomings so I can fix them as soon as possible.
    I know about some already and I'm working on it. Hope you guys will enjoy my work!

    When this skin reaches it's final version, I would like to make more of these but in other styles, like black and green etc.


    1.1.2 (10/07/2016)
    - Emoticons were changed to white color, popup window to gray and "" was added. Also, I've noticed that there is possible bug since version 1.1.1, so I've added "README" txt file to HexagonCommunityB&R_v1.1.2.rar, which tells you how to fix it.

    1.1.1 (10/07/2016)
    - Chat colors finally fixed!

    1.1 (09/07/2016)
    - Whole skin pack is now smaller (I noticed that there are some "unwanted" stuff in the installer, like default emoticons. )
    - Emoticons are now darker and the popup window is white
    - Colored and fixed some icons
    - Radiobuttons are more distinguishable
    - Fixed background colors where you can't really see places where to write etc.
    - Chat background color is lighter
    - Better buttons
    ... and some more inessential stuff.

    1.0 (08/07/2016)
    - Released

    (This skin is mainly created for gaming portal Hexagon Community.

    Do you enjoy my work and would you like to support me?

    PayPal | Steam Trade Offer

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